Women Empowerment

We believe that we cannot build an adequate civil society without empowering women and in coming times the need of women empowerment has been realized even more. By improving the status of women in our society we can address upon many social economic problems, aid in social advancement, promote gender equality, bring down female feticide etc.
We work for the following :
1. We provide the necessary encouragement and support to help women grow further in life.
2. We promote gender quality and respect towards women by organizing cultural events.

3. We help in developing potential leadership and entrepreneur skills among deserving women.
4. We do counseling sessions for women undergoing social injustice, family disputes, or violence.
5. We educate women about banking systems and obtaining loans.
6. We promote literacy among women by establishing non formal education systems.
7. We organize skill development and vocational training workshop for women.
8. We organize health check up camps and distribute generic medicines among women.
9. We do workshops for women making them aware about social, political, legal, health issues, etc.

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