Rural Development

We believe in alleviating the pain of poor and marginalized people living in rural areas by addressing to their social and economic problems. We do village level awareness programs, meetings, rallies, seminars, workshops to educate them about various issues related to their welfare.
1. We work through creating models and promote idea for self sufficient villages.
2. We educate them about various agricultural concerns like soil health card, bio compost, organic farming, and use of HYV (high yield variety) crops.
3. We educate them about rain water harvesting and seepage tank programmes.
4. We educate villagers about micro saving and credit programs so as to help in becoming entrepreneurs by setting up agriculture based industries.

5. We organize mass rallies to bring attention of local authorities regarding environmental hazards faced by the ignorant villagers.
6. We work for Dalit rights.
7. We work against social evils and help villagers come out of superstitions.

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