Life of Pt.Deendayal Upadhyay

Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay was born on 25th of September, 1916, he was fondly called ‘Deena’ by his parents. He had a tough childhood as his father expired when he was hardly 3 yrs old and mother before he was eight. He and his younger brother Shiv Dayal were brought up by his maternal grandparents (Nana Shri Chunni Lal ji) after both of his parents expired. When Deendayal ji was eighteen years old his younger brother died of smallpox leaving him alone in this world. Deendayal ji was a brilliant scholar and while doing his high school in Sikar, Rajasthan he won gold medal and scholarship of Rs 250 for books and a monthly scholarship of Rs 10/-. He also received Birla scholarship after receiving distinction in Intermediate exams. He went on to do his BA in first division from Kanpur and went to Agra to pursue his MA which he didn’t complete due to personal reasons. During his study days his cousin Shri Prabhu Dayal Shukla (father of the founders Madhu Sharma ji and Vinod Shukla ji) accompanied him everywhere.

He joined RSS in 1937 and came under the influence of Shri Nana ji Deshmukh and Shri Bhau Jugade. Deendayal ji was a simple looking man with great abilities; he was a social thinker, politician, economist, writer, journalist, organiser, orator etc. He worked as a journalist for ‘Rashtra Dharma’, editor for ‘Panchjanya’ and wrote a column named ‘Political Diary’ for the weekly ‘the Organiser’. His mantra was ‘Don’t distort the news’.

Deendayal ji was the General Secretary of Jansangh from its inception till 1967, and after later on became the president of Jan Sangh on 29th December. His tenure was short-lived and just after 43 days of becoming President he was found murdered by a railway track in Mughal Sarai. Deendayal ji’s cremation was done by his cousin Shri Prabhu Dayal ji and his legacy and thoughts were kept alive by his children.

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