Health for All

We believe that a healthy mind resides insides a healthy body and hence we promote and endorse all the preventive and curative health schemes. We make people aware about the health services and insurances that are within the reach of the poorest of the poor. Our organization is dedicated to improving upon the internal and external well being of the people through heath oriented programs and camps.
We work in the following areas:
1. We promote holistic health care in which we take into account the complete perspective of the patient including his mental health, emotional well being, social circumstances, and not just the disease.
2. We work towards improving the health and welness of women and children.

3. We distribute generic medicines and hold health camps.
4. We organize blood donation camps and encourage people to donate blood.
5. We run health awareness programs regarding importance of heath, hygiene, sanitation and safe drinking water.
6. We run programs for educating people about HIV/AIDS.
7. We organize "Ashtang Yog Sadhna Camps" and teach people about the ancient eight fold path of Yoga which brings inner peace and harmony by cleansing negative mindset.

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