Pandit Deendayal Smriti Sansthan has been actively involved in projects related to environmental conservation and through this we intend to protect Mother Earth and conserve its natural resources such that life sustains on the planet.

1. We have been actively working for the reduction of plastic waste by promoting the recycle of plastics, refusal of single use plastics and working with alternatives of plastics.
2. We have been working with installation of RVMs (Reverse Vending Machines) that take in used PET bottles and shred them for compact storage and re-use. Fibres and fabrics thus created from such stuff have found their use in manufacture of T-shirts, bags, mattresses, pillows, doormats, curtains, parachutes, tents etc.

3. We have launched cleanliness drives under the "Clean India Mission" supporting government's prerogative.
4. Time to time we have also launched tree plantation drives to support the environment as trees generate oxygen, combat air pollution, help in water conservation, remediate climate and are homes to various life forms.
5. We promote bio-composting and do workshops on rain water harvesting.
6. We urge people to embrace alternative sources of energy that are good for the environment and do not cause serious damage to Mother Earth. Solar energy and wind energy can be useful while fossil fuels may lead to global warming through the Green House Effect.
7. We endorse the usage of energy saver lamps and gadgets so as to reduce upon electricity consumption which is related to use fossil fuels in certain ways.

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