Education is an important tool for empowering poor and marginalized people so that they can come out of poverty and lead a successful life on social and economic front. Education is important for any country’s growth as it provides desired skills for survival in this competitive world understanding for the socio-economic scenario. It also helps people understand their rights and duties towards society as well as the nation. And the biggest factor of all education helps in getting jobs.
1. We promote literacy programs for adults and dropouts.
2. To promote employment among youth, we impart vocational training and do skill development workshops.
3. We also impart community education on diverse subjects.
4. We organize leadership programs for the youth.

5. We do interactive programmes on topic of national interest like elocution and quizzes.
6. Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Smriti Sansthan gives scholarships to deserving students in form of sponsorships of books.

Our idea of the education for young minds is to develop leadership, 360 degree mind approach and inspire them to become good global citizens.
E – Enlargement of mind
D - Discipline
U – Universal Outlook
C – Character Development
A – Active Habits
T – Trustworthiness
I – Ideation of the Great (God)
O – Omissions of Grace
N – Nice Temperament

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